Friday, March 30, 2007

The chickens are getting bigger so quickly I can't believe my eyes! I really have to get a coop ready this weekend. I've had to get a bigger rubbermaid bin to put them in and I still think it is too small. I've come home from work for 2 days now and found a chick with a bloody butt. I made an isolation pen out of the green bin for the 2 injured birds and bought some blue lotion and this hot pick spray that tastes like cayenne to try to keep the picking at bay. I think that they are too crowed. But they are still too young to go outside full time. What to do?
The sick chick is still hanging on, in fact she looks pretty good. SHe is substantially smaller that the other chicks and still had the lump in/on her neck. I'm thinking it is a deformity rahter than an illness. She is still in the house in a box right next to the computer. The others are out in the garage. I wish they were still in the house so I could keep an eye on them but they were kicking up so much dust that they had to go out of the house.

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