Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Can't take my Eyes off of you"

I just can't stop looking at the little fuzzballs. They are getting real feathers on their wings and are pooping up a storm. I have to change their paper 2X a day. I am so in love. I just have to figure out how to get a coop made in the next 8 weeks.

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jenny said...

Your chicks are very cute! We are making a coop from an old kitchen cabinet that we found at our local building supplies recycling center. My daughter painted it all and it's beautiful. She also hammered out some of the boards to make larger spaces for the nests and roosting and just-plain-hang-out spaces. She built a ladder and also made some play structures using scraps of wood she found in her dad's stuff. She patched up holes. She also put rolled roofing material over the roof and the outer facing wall. The cabinet doors will serve as the doors to the coop which we'll close at night for protection from rats and raccoons.

It might sound like it's junky, but the colors are bright and the workmanship is creative and fun and I think it looks great! Good luck with your coop!