Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chicken Mama

Yep, I'm a chicken mama. I drove the 156 miles to Ideal Poultry in Cameron Tx and picked up 10 adorable Delaware chicks. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. The peeps are so cute and tiny. Picking one up is incredible, so tiny yet strong. Gaze upon them and awwwww. Now I am forced to get the coop built in the next 8 weeks. I can't keep all 10 so I think 6 are destined for the freezer if I can find some one to butcher them as it is illegal to do so in the city. I'd do it if I could but I don't want to antagonize the neighbors.
My brooder is a storage box with newspaper and shop towels on the bottom, a reflector clamp lamp with a 100 watt lizard warming light and the waterer & feeder. I have a larger storage box to move them to as they get bigger. I just have to make a lid for it.
I made soap last week as well. I really am feeling better these days.

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