Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spencer's shelter soap

My daughter decided she wanted to make a soap for the homeless shelter she works at once a month. I let her do it, I measured and poured the lye but she did all the rest. She scented it with a very sweet scent, Hoiday Candy. I am very proud of her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

soaps amore.

Well I made more soap this week. First up is a Juniper Sage bar, just the thing for after the gym . And the white bars are a shaving bar made with kaolin sugar, silk and shea. It is delightful. It is scented with the Lavendar Cedar as requested by a friend. Spencer made a bar tonight for the homeless shelter that should be able to be cut in the morning. It is a very very nice bar with better lather than my bars but a bit more drying than my bar but that's ok. The shelter folks will love it. Heck , I love it. I am so proud of her for thinking of this all on her own.