Friday, March 18, 2011

Uterine Fibroid embolization Day 1

I've been home now for about 18 hours. The procedure was a breeze. I went in on Wednesday at 7:30 am and was back in my hospital bed by noon. This was the first time I've had concsious sedaation surgery. I was very nervous at first because I thought I would feel the cut inot my frmeoral atery but I did not. In fact they had started before I even realized it. It was totally painless. I was instructed to hold my breath at times during the procedure which I could do with no problem. The only problem that happened was my heart rate and blood pressure dropped after they gave me the Versed and I felt l like I was going ot puke but they got it back ip quickly and I felt better. It never happened again even though I got a second dose of Versed during the procedure.
Now about the procedure, They went in through my femoral artery( right at the pubis/leg juncture) and snaked a catheter past my uterine arteries and then blocked the arteries that fed the fibroid with a plastic material so that the blood flow to them would stop and they would die. I prefered this to a hysterectomy since I'm only a few years out from menopause and bleeding won't be an issue then. After they were finished I was wheeled back to the recovery room where Kevin was to greet me and we waited for a room to open up.. I got a morphine pump and tried to dose off but I was not very comfortable at first. It took a good 12 hours to get to the point I was pain free. I kinda expected to be in some discomport so i didn't use the morphine enough. My blood sugar went up in response to the pain. But we finally got things calmed down and I felt fine, just drug stupid. They let me go home Thursday at about noon. I've had no pain since then, just an ache at the incision site and the occasional cramp in my uterus that aches but nothing severe. I'm not going to stop the pain meds until tomorrow though just to be safe.
I hope this works to deal with my fibroids. The anemia and heavy bleeding has been ruling my life for too long and I really want my life back.

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