Saturday, April 14, 2007

So yesterday tornados whipped through the Metroplex. An apartment building near us lost it's roof. We had winds of 75 miles an hour and a downpour that rivaled anything in the tropics. And the coop withstood it all. The interior was still dry as well. I'm so glad it could withstand such extreme weather. I have hardwire cloth in the bottom as a precaution against the opossums that visit the back yard. So this baby is rather safe. The chicks are doing just fine in it. They go into the windblock at night and all rest, some even roost on the top edge. Miss Bracocin is doing just fine with the other birds. She is somewhat smaller that the others but sure can hold her own in the brawls. Cock-a-doodle-roo is as he is named, a Roo. His comb is bigger and much pinker than anyone elses and he spars with anything that moves. I'm not sure if any other chick is male tho. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer before I can make the decision on who stays & who goes.


Alysse said...

Hey this coop ROCKS!!!!!! I'm so excited to do something similar. I have cute lil hen house for my four young girlz, but urgently need a safe run for them too. Planning to build this weekend and researching ideas like mad. Came across your pics and said "YES!". It's perfect. Thanks for sharing and all the photos and directions. Think I'll make mine a little bigger cause I have the space. This is great.

Deni said...

I made something similar as a row cover this year, but my mistake was having PVC cut to 7'. Next year I will go to 10 or 11'. I'd like to be able to stand up in mine.

Great job!