Monday, April 09, 2007

chickens outta da house!

I moved the chickens out to the coop today. I'm so worried about the overnight, but that seems normal. The chicks seem to like their new home and some of them are even roosting on the roost bar I provided tho most choose to roost ontop of the brooder. Tmw I'm going to buy some hardware cloth to put on the bottom as I am very concerned about coons & possums getting to the chicks. I hope they have enough sense to go into the brooder for the night as I tried to put them in and they kept flocking to my feet outside the brooder. Silly chickens.

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Steven said...

I may be interested in your extra birds if you would consider sharing:)
I'm about to buy some eggs to incubate, some chicks to raise, and build a coop/chicken tractor for my layers! A few sturdier ones like your 5 week olds sounds like it might be nice..

let me know...
in Fort Worth