Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Felted Dryer Balls

I'm on a major cleaning kick which is a good thing because I have visitors coming this summer and the house has never had a good going over. I've been making cleaners out of vinegar, my home made liquid soap, isopropyl alcohol essential oils and using microfibers. Things are getting really clean and smell really good. Too bad I'm really bad at picking up clutter. But Kevin, bless his soul, is a great declutterer so we will make a good team. I have been coveting those felted dryer balls lately since I don't like dryer sheets and i think the balls look really nice and they are reusable for years. I looked up a few diy sites and found them all using 100% wool yarn to make them. I checked my stash and it is all acrylic. boo me. But I have some roving from the soap felting project. I decided to give that a try since the yarn was just being wound up into a ball. I took strips of roving and rolled them into a tight ball. Then I took a needle and felted the ends so the ball would not come apart. Next I felted colored roving over the entire ball Then I put tjem in panty hose separated by a bt of cotton string. I tossed the bundle in the washing machine set on HOT and we will see what we get in about 2 hours!

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