Friday, December 12, 2008

Ya know, when I started this blog I was thinking alot about depression and I have noticed that I have not written about it in ages. Why? Because I finally found a med combo that really works for me. My bestest friends Abilify, Zoloft and Armour Thyroid. I've been on this combo since 2006 and I must say I have not been this content and motivated in decades. Honestly. I've set some goals and have stuck with them even when I've been knocked off course. I went back to school. I got chickens. I got 100's on math tests! 100's! None of this had been possible prior to the med combo. I feel happiness, I can feel pleasure and hope. The dispair and foreboding is gone. The down side to these drugs is now I am pre-diabetic and look like I've been inflated with a bike pump. I've balooned up and just can't lose it no matter what I try. I'm trying to look at it as the price I have to pay to have my brain working again. But I really don't like it.
I feel so happy to be back to my "normal" self again.

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