Monday, March 24, 2008

Here are some pix of my trip to Antarctica in Jan 1997. The first pix is a glacier and the second one is me at Deception Island. This trip was an amazing experience that I must thank my Mother for. It was her generosity that allowed me to go to this incredible part of our planet. My belief in the sacredness of the Earth was confirmed on this trip. It was my glimpse of the Divine in all her forms. I have no idea why the pix are flipped in this post, they look fine on my computer. But I'll post them anyway.


Anonymous said...
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Mandi Louise said...

Oh my gosh, you went to ANTARTICA?!??

That is so utterly amazing! Very few people could ever see that part of the world, that is so utterly awesome. Of course, I am madly jealous, but wowed that you went. Thank you for sharing pictures!

(squeaky from the Dish)