Saturday, January 19, 2008

Now we have an egg door

Well It finally got cold here, well cold for Texas. I went out to water the birds today and the hose was frozen. A little running water got it moving but the water bucket was full of chunky ice. You would think that I had dumped in a motherlode of worms in there. The chickens went crazy picking out the ice and fighting eachother for the pieces.
I put the wood back on the coop at last. Kevin gave me a hand even though he feels like crap today. It is not a thing of beauty but it works. I have to wait until I move the coop to do a clean out to see if I can secure the wood to the bottom better but now I have an egg door so I don't have to walk through a poopy coop to get eggs and on days I don't want to let the girls out I can get eggs.

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