Saturday, October 27, 2007

and they are outta here!

So I finally got my fibroids removed on the 16th. 15 'broids removed! No wonder we never had that second child. Well now I hope things get much better period wise. All that anemia was for the birds. I'm going to scan in the pix when I get the scanner fixed. The recovery is about 6 weeks and I am bored already. I've made a purse, read 3 books, watched very little TV, learned about Australian colonists and done a million crossword puzzles. So I thought I'd update the old blog.
I've managed to lose about 20#in the past 3 months. I've been diligent about watching my carb intake and I've been walking 45min a day and Bam 15# went whoosh. Then I lost 5 # from the surgery. I've been trying to walk to the end of the block every day in the past week. I get real tired but it does not hurt too much. The lower carb intake seems to have a good effect on my blood sugar as well. I miss eating carbs, it's so much easier to cook with carbs but my diabetes seems to really prefer 30g carb a day.
Kevin has been wonderful helping me as I heal. He really has stepped up to the plate.

The chickens are doing great giving 3-5 eggs a day. So many that I have given some to the neighbors and some of my coworkers.

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