Monday, June 25, 2007

latest obsession- Ferments!!

Well as you can see we ate 'Roo, He was very tasty. Thank you Roo!
My latest obsession is fermented foods. I'm trying a sauerkraut today and I also have kefir going in the milk and a kombucha going in the spigot jug. I've been reading Nourishing Tradition s by Sally Fallon and have gone back to my grain eating ways. the low carb diet was not working for me and I feel more creative using grains as a small part of my diet. And since money is tight right now being able to eat rice & Beans flavored with a tiny bit of meat has been a life/wallet saver. The LC was hurting our bottom line. Now I want to eat more locally so I'm going to spend that savings on locally raised grass fed beef and pastured chicken.

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